I already spent the money

Using Now to publish a static site

I had heard of Now (https://zeit.co) but hadn't tried it until today. It's nifty. So nifty that I'm using it to publish this site (notes.baty.net). I simply type "now" while in the directory these static files are in and it just happens. SSL included.

The thing that wasn't immediately obvious was that each time you deploy, a new URL is used. This means that the alias needs to be updated each time. Seemed inconvenient, and some digging revealed that putting the default alias in a now.json file does the trick.

So in my case, the Tinderbox "Stamp" looks like this...

runCommand("cd /Users/jbaty/Dropbox/@Archive/@Notes/notes.baty.net/public/ \\
 && now && now alias")