Regolith Linux

Regolith is a modern desktop environment designed to let you work faster by reducing unnecessary clutter and ceremony. Built on top of Ubuntu, GNOME, and i3, Regolith stands on a well-supported and consistent foundation.

UPDATE I’m not using Regolith as of March 2022.

This document contains my notes while installing and using Regolith Linux

Regolith Linux - My descent into Mouse-less navigation - DEV Community

Installation Notes

  • Installed on the MBP. Flashed the Regolith ISO
  • Installed Roboto and FireCode Nerd fonts
  • Installed SQLite3
  • Installed git
  • Installed make
  • Created SSH key and added it to github
  • installed GCC so sqlite would be compiled automatically by org-roam
  • Installed Discord (via .deb download)
  • Installed Emacs

That’s enough for today.

Next day

Had to install build-essentials so I could compile Mu/Mu4e

Greenclip clipboard manager

# Greenclip
set $greenclip /path/to/file/greenclip
bindsym $mod+Shift+v exec rofi -modi "clipboard:$greenclip print" -show clipboard
exec --no-startup-id $greenclip daemon


  • Installed cmake so I can run vterm in Emacs (still need libtool?)
  • Installed LaTeX

sudo apt install texlive-latex-extra sudo apt install texlive-xetex

  • Installed PDF tools in emacs: M-x pdf-tools-install
  • Installed GPaste for clipboard history
  • Installed PCManFM file manager
  • Installed IBM Plex Mono and IBM Plex Sans (in ./.fonts)
  • Installed


Configurating status bar (i3bar)

Here’s how I installed the volume icon in i3bar

apt search i3xrocks-
apt install i3xrocks-volume
regolith-look refresh

Configuration goes in ~/.config/regolith/i3xrocks/conf.d/ Copied from etc/regolith/i3xrocks/conf.d

It seems that as soon as I copied one file, I needed to copy all of them. Not sure this is how it’s supposed to work.

Increased border size on windows

in ~/.config/regolith/Xresources…

i3-wm.window.border.size: 10


2022-01 January

  • [2022-01-30 Sun] sudo apt install texlive-fonts-extra

2022-03 March

  • [2022-03-27 Sun] Uninstalled after I could no longer boot after running an upgrade