Possible workaround for ox-hugo error during exports

UPDATE: This was actually a problem with org-roam links in the file. Even valid links would cause the ox-hugo export to fail. Thanks to @kaushalmodi for providing me with a solution. The short version is that I had to set org-id-extra-files so that it included the ~/org/roam directory.

(setq org-id-extra-files org-roam-directory) did the trick. I no longer need to use the workaround below.

When using ox-hugo to export from a single subtree in a file, any broken links in the file (not just in the current subtree) cause the export to fail.

This is not recommended long-term, but I’m told it works

(with-eval-after-load 'ox-hugo
  (setq org-hugo--preprocess-buffer nil))