Jack Baty Portrait

Who is Jack Baty?

I’m Jack Baty. Hello there.

Anything else?

Don't you already have a blog?

Yes, I have several (see below). I am not a professional blogger. I like to take notes and sometimes publish them. I also enjoy tinkering with publishing tools. Having several blogs lets me experiment with tools without worrying as much about breaking existing content.

So then where else can I find you?

Lot's of places. Too many, probably. The following will get you started:

What's up with the site logo/avatar guy with the pipe? Good question. The man in the photo is not me, but he makes me happy. If you're interested, I wrote about where my avatar originated.

What is notes.baty.net made of? Glad you asked. The site is built using Tinderbox. I write notes in Tinderbox then export them. This builds a folder full of static HTML files, one of which you're reading now. A bit more information can be found in my post Blogging with Tinderbox.