# Home (start here) Welcome to my experiment using [[Notes/Obsidian|Obsidian]] and [[Notes/Obsidian Publish|Obsidian Publish]] for both public and private notes. > [!warning] This is not a "Digital Garden". It's more like a "Digital Junk Drawer". Please adjust your expectations accordingly. Currently, this site consists of a handful of Markdown files I dumped into my Notes folder. At some point I may "organize" them. For now though, you can just wander around and click things on your own. ## Recent Notes ![[Recent new files|Recent new files]] ![[Recently edited|Recently edited]] *Note that the above lists are updated via a convoluted process of generating new files from [[Notes/Dataview Plugin for Obsidian|Dataview]] queries and including them here since Publish doesn't run dataview queries when publishing. See [[Notes/Using Dataview on Obsidian Publish]].