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theiceshelf/firn: Org Mode Static Site Generator A website generator for Org-mode, (re)written in Rust Uses Firn: Index - Weakty

Blockquotes with source in Hugo

This is how I’ve tried making blockquotes look the way I want them on daily.baty.net. It assumes that the last <p> or <a> element is meant to be the source, so treats that differently. I’m terrible with CSS, so mostly just pay attention to the part about last-of-type. With that, the final paragraph or link in the quote is treated as the source/citation. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 blockquote { font-size: 1.

Possible workaround for ox-hugo error during exports

UPDATE: This was actually a problem with org-roam links in the file. Even valid links would cause the ox-hugo export to fail. Thanks to @kaushalmodi for providing me with a solution. The short version is that I had to set org-id-extra-files so that it included the ~/org/roam directory. (setq org-id-extra-files org-roam-directory) did the trick. I no longer need to use the workaround below. When using ox-hugo to export from a single subtree in a file, any broken links in the file (not just in the current subtree) cause the export to fail.


Text expansion for https://espanso.org This is just something I’m testing Added extension: all-emojis ๐Ÿ˜„ espanso install all-emojis ๐ŸŽ Emoji cheat sheet for GitHub, Basecamp, Slack &amp; more Date and Time formatting Date specifiersโ€‹ Option Example Description %Y 2001 The full proleptic Gregorian year, zero-padded to 4 digits. %C 20 The proleptic Gregorian year divided by 100, zero-padded to 2 digits. %y 01 The proleptic Gregorian year modulo 100, zero-padded to 2 digits.

Saving a Maildir email as .eml using Mu4e

(This was originally published at baty.net but I wanted a copy here, also) I use Emacs and Mu4e for managing email. Normally having all of my email as text files in Maildir format is fine. There are times, though, when I want to save a copy of an email and put it in DEVONthink with everything else. DEVONthink handles email very well, meaning it previews the headers separate from the messages and formats things nicely.

Org mode custom link types

I keep “deep” links to a few Mac apps in Emacs and want to click them in order to open specific items in those apps. For example, I use DEVONthink for collecting PDFs and other research for projects or personal use. The DEVONthink URLs look like this: x-devonthink-item://EB2842EA-B147-4F04-9319-F028A7DCD911 To make that a clickable link, I use org-link-set-parameters. Here’s my current setup. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 (after! org ;; custom link types (org-link-set-parameters "brain" :follow (lambda (path) (shell-command (concat "open brain:" path)))) (org-link-set-parameters "x-devonthink-item" :follow (lambda (path) (shell-command (concat "open x-devonthink-item:" path)))) (org-link-set-parameters "message" :follow (lambda (path) (shell-command (concat "open \"message:" path "\""))))) I use doom-emacs , and wrapping these in (after!

Publishing portions of my org-roam database

Related blog post: Publishing portions of my Org-roam database โ€“ Jack Baty I keep all of the Org-roam notes I’d like to share in a public/ subdirectory of my main Org-roam directory. To make creating these files easier, I have the following capture template for Org-roam: 1 2 3 4 5 6 ("P" ;; Key "Public (published in /public)" ;; Description plain ;; Type (file "~/org/roam/templates/PublicTemplate.org") ;; Template :target (file "public/${slug}.


Home - Docker I kind of hate Docker, but mostly because I still don’t understand how it works. Building multi-architecture images Needed this because I was building the image on my Mac and trying to run it on Linux. This happened: Error response from daemon: image with reference jackbaty/roam-notes was found but does not match the specified platform: wanted linux/amd64, actual: linux/arm64/v8. 1 2 3 docker buildx build -t jackbaty/roam-notes \ -o type=registry \ --platform=linux/arm64/v8,linux/amd64 .

Installing Pop!_OS

Notes while installing Pop_OS on the ThinkPad X1 Carbon [2022-03-27 Sun] ๐Ÿ‘‰ ๐Ÿšซ Bailed after an hour. I’m not doing this shit again right now (March 26, 2022) Installation Installed from image (via Balena Etcher) The first installation failed to boot. I suspected hard drive issues but GParted found no issues. I reinstalled but without encryption and that worked. sudo apt install gnome-tweaks Then set Keyboard and Mouse -> Additional Layout Options -> Caps Lock also acts as Ctrl

Aligning comments in Emacs

When I drag and drop an image into Emacs, I want the attached file to end up in ./img/YYYY/. This is how I tried configuring it in my setup (I use Doom Emacs): Lisp function 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 ;; Align comments in marked region ;; Via https://stackoverflow.com/a/20278032 (defun jab/align-comments (beginning end) "Align comments within marked region." (interactive "*r") (let (indent-tabs-mode align-to-tab-stop) (align-regexp beginning end (concat "\\(\\s-*\\)" (regexp-quote comment-start))))) Example before aligning comments 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 (setq org-roam-capture-templates '(("d" "default" plain "%?

Regolith Linux

Table of Contents Links Installation Notes Configuration Configurating status bar (i3bar) Increased border size on windows 2022 2022-01 January 2022-03 March Regolith is a modern desktop environment designed to let you work faster by reducing unnecessary clutter and ceremony. Built on top of Ubuntu, GNOME, and i3, Regolith stands on a well-supported and consistent foundation. UPDATE I’m not using Regolith as of March 2022. This document contains my notes while installing and using Regolith Linux


abo-abo/org-download: Drag and drop images to Emacs org-mode TL;DR Just use ‘attach mechanism and let files fall where they may Current config This is where I ended up. I am now able to drag and drop images and have them automatically included inline in the buffer as well as exporting them. Here’s the org-attach settings 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 (setq org-attach-preferred-new-method 'dir) (setq org-attach-id-dir "files/") (setq org-attach-dir-relative t) ;; (setq org-attach-auto-tag nil) (setq org-attach-store-link-p t) (setq org-id-method 'ts) ;; for sane attachment paths/names (setq org-attach-id-to-path-function-list '(org-attach-id-ts-folder-format org-attach-id-uuid-folder-format)) And here’s the org-download config

Leitz Focomat IIc lens receptacle disassembly

While working on the Focomat IIc, I needed to remove the lens receptacle. Here are a few photos showing the important parts. Except of course the part where the bearings fell out and rolled everywhere. Figure 1: Remove end pieces Figure 2: Remove 8 hex screws (2.5mm) Figure 3: Remove rails (careful! Bearings will fall out)


org2blog/org2blog: Blog from Org mode to WordPress. I found this helpful: org2blog Blogging with Doom Emacs

Photo Processing Workflow

Here’s the process For film photos Scan into the scans folder (~/Pictures/_Scans) Add exif data to any scanned film files using Exiftool or the MetaImage app Rename files to “YYYY-Roll-NNN.tif” In Capture One Ingest photos from card or open scans folder Rename digital imports to “YYYYMMDD-FILENAME.dng” Edit the files Export a “burned” JPG from each edited RAW file into the same folder with the same name (but using .jpg rather than .

Leica MP

Purchased new in July, 2021 from Camera West. It’s beautiful. I first mentioned wanting an MP back in October 2011 (I don’t have the source handy), so I feel like I waited 10 years before buying one. Paid $5,395 Serial number: 5613528 Manufactured 6/16/2021 My announcement post: Betting long on film with a new Leica MP โ€“ Coping Mechanism