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This page contains a reverse-chronological series of short posts. It's sort of a micro-blog. There are also pages dedicated to single topics. See the Topic Index for a complete list.

Latest Notes

Org Mode 9.0 <2016-11-05 Sat>

I love that Org Mode version 9.0 has been released, but I'm less happy about it breaking stuff. Working on fixing it now.

Burglary <2016-11-05 Sat>

“NRA sticker on car bumper = Lots of guns to steal,” wrote one burglar.

Touchy <2016-10-28 Fri>

I don't think the new Touch Bar is going to help me.

Stockholm Syndrome <2016-10-26 Wed>

Thinking about Apple today and Stockholm Syndrome

One app for everything? <2016-10-26 Wed>

No, but I do realize that one of the primary reasons for me not concentrating my stuff within one app (say, Emacs/Org Mode) is that then I don't get to play with a bunch of fun apps. It's almost nothing to do with actual productivity.

Photos of homeless people <2016-10-23 Sun>

I think we have enough photos of homeless people. Resist taking more of them. You're not saying anything new.

Vinyl or stream only <2016-10-21 Fri>

I'm reconsidering my attachment to "owning" digital copies of music. Thinking now that music is only necessary in Vinyl form. Anything not worth the price or not available on vinyl can just be streamed.

Google Cloud <2016-10-21 Fri>

This site (currently at is now hosted on the Google Cloud platform. I took notes as I went here: /Web/Batydotnet

Quitting Vim <2016-10-20 Thu>

I switched from Vim to @spacemacs but most of my files still have at least one :w hidden in there somewhere.

I haven't forgotten you, <2016-10-20 Thu>

Each time I'm pulled back into Org Mode I remember this set of published documents. I like using Emacs and Org Mode to take notes and why not publish them?

Pencils <2016-02-10 Wed>

Pencils are the SnapChat of writing instruments.

Don't get me wrong… <2016-02-10 Wed>

Whenever I'm reading an article or blog post and the author says "Don't get me wrong…" I always think, "WUSS!". Don't apologize first, just write.

Moved the 2015 posts <2016-02-07 Sun>

Since this site doesn't use a blogging engine, I have to manage things manually. I've moved all of 2015's notes to Notes from 2015.

How long will this site last? <2016-01-26 Tue>

Using the publish features of org mode for this little site is fun, but it comes at a cost. No RSS feed. No archives. No permalinks. I thought I'd replace it with Hugo (like but that's still too much work for short posts like this. Still searching.

The kind of blog posts I like <2016-01-26 Tue>

I'm realizing that I no longer enjoy blog posts that state "This is what I think about such-and-such…". I prefer posts saying "This is what I like about such-and-such…" or "This is how I do such-and-such…". I'm not interested in opinion as much as experiences.

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