Moved to Google Cloud by following along with Google's instructions.

Validated the domain using Google Webmaster tools and Domain validation. Added TXT record at dnsmadeeasy.

Created CNAME for ->

Installed the SDK and gsutil

Updated default permissions on bucket to allow read access to the allUsers user. This was done via console as I don't know how to do it using gsutil.

Synced all files using `gsutil rsync -R public_html gs://`.


Moved hosting to Github Pages, basically following this…

Created an ANAME record pointing to and created a file named "CNAME" in static/ containing one line…


Was bored with the site's layout so completely revamped everything using a customized version of the Cocoa Theme. This got things rolling so I also decided to create a tumblr-like experience using different post types. I now have Book, Photo, and Quote types.

The trick with Hugo and post type rendering is in the theme's layout templates. I also added archetypes to make creating new posts easier. The Book type uses ISBN and a custom formatter to grab the book cover image and link to Amazon. I spent hours on this today and it was fun.

The thing is, the blog's home page now lists every post since 2000. Not sure that's sustainable so I may add pagination later.


Moved it all back to Hugo. See On moving back to a static site


  • Creating

    Moved old Fargo-based snippets and installed Wordpress Changed ownership on ./wp-content and below to www-data user UPDATE: Nope. I don't need a new blog.

  • Moved back to Wordpress

    I know, right? I just want to post stuff, is that so hard? Well, it is when using Hugo, apparently. I'm using a modified 2015 theme and added a feed for the Snippets category, which automatically posts to Twitter via IFTTT.


Tweaked a few fonts. Made headings bigger and darker. It all seemed a little to pale/washed out.


Back to Hugo. Created export formula for Lightroom making it easy to get a file to the proper directory for publishing.


Upgraded PHP to 5.4 using instructions here:

add-apt-repository ppa:ondrej/php5-oldstable
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

That broke stuff so tried

sudo dpkg --configure -a

Which didn't run so rebooted and ran it again and all seems well.


Switched themes again. Penscratch.


image Migrated everything to Hugo


Changed back to Twenty Thirteen theme until I can move the obnoxious sidebar from Twenty Fifteen to the right.

Installed Broken Link Checker


Switched to Twenty Fifteen theme. Adjusted some CSS attributes so that blockquotes don't looks so huge.

Author: Jack Baty
Last update : 2016-10-21 Fri 10:48