Apple iPad Pro

The key to success is GoodNotes app <2016-10-21 Fri>

The iPad Pro and a Pencil is a wicked combination. Add GoodNotes and it's killer. I take meeting notes, mark up PDFs, and everything syncs and automatically backs up to a Dropbox folder. It's almost perfect.

After a week or so… <2015-12-08 Tue>

I love it. Still no Pencil or Keyboard. I have no problem sitting in a meeting with the iPad instead of my trusty 11" MacBook Air. What does it for me is speed, split-screen, and size. Feels like actuall working. Really need a case/stand though. It's so big I find it hard to use while sitting at a desk. Needs to be at an angle.

Received the iPad Pro today <2015-11-30 Mon>

It's ginormous!

I'm setting it up as a new iPad rather than restoring from a backup of my 1st-gen iPad Air. Fresh start and all that.

The Pencil and Keyboard haven't arrived so I'm stuck using it the same way as my old iPad. Mostly.

Time to spend the next hour entering my passwords into every single app I plan to install.

Author: Jack Baty
Last update : 2016-10-21 Fri 16:58