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Started using org-mode and Spacemacs. Lots to learn.


Prevent default HTML styles when publishing

Took forever to find, but add an in-file option: html-style:nil This prevents the default CSS from being included in any HTML exports

Archive DONE headings

via http://stackoverflow.com/questions/6997387/how-to-archive-all-the-done-tasks-using-a-single-command If you call Org-Agenda from within the buffer you want to archive you can temporarily restrict it to only that buffer and view only todo entries and filter for only DONE

C-c a < t
N r

Where N corresponds to the shortcut for your DONE state (with default states it would be 2)

Then you'd simply need to mark all the desired headlines and bulk archive

m (mark for bulk action) B a (or B $ for arch->sibling)

Did not download the typical Mac GUI

Instead used used the Yamamoto Mitsuharu version of Emacs 24.5 (with more mac-specific features):

brew tap railwaycat/emacsmacport
brew install emacs-mac

Trying Deft mode for quickly finding files

Adding the osx layer to spacemacs helped with TextExpander and made all the usual keyboard shortcuts do the right thing

Common keyboard commands for Emacs and Org Mode

  • C-/ | Undo
  • C-c <left> and C-c <right> | Window change history back and forward
  • M-/ Expand word
  • C-c C-k Expand headings to useful level
  • C-M-/ Expand as much as possible


`C-h m` Shows all key commands etc for the current buffer's major mode. Handy for discovering stuff. `C-h k` Describes what a keybinding does. Hit that, then the key.


Tried using Gnus for email again <2015-12-13 Sun>

I like the idea of Gnus but I can't imagine it ever being more productive for me than Mutt so I've shelved it for now.

Added (setq org-agenda-skip-deadline-prewarning-if-scheduled t) [2015-06-09 Tue]

This is so Deadlines don't show early if the Scheduled date is set

Added a few keyboard shortcuts [2015-06-09 Tue]

  • F7 to cycle between Agenda files
  • F12 to show Agenda

Changed this notes site to use Org Mode for publishing <2015-11-29 Sun>

Blogged about it at baty.net

Set up `desktop-save-mode` <2015-12-05 Sat>

Not sure how to use this yet. It seems to save the desktop ok but does not restore at startup. See http://ergoemacs.org/emacs/emacs_save_restore_opened_files.html

Added mu4e-alert for email notifications from mu4e <2016-10-20 Thu>

Added mu4e-alert to additional packages.

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Last update : 2016-10-20 Thu 14:22